Eyes on - digital video surveillance packages for multi-role deployment

A national defence department
dVMo - Digital Video for Moving Objects
Packaging capability for ISR
Industry / Vertical:
Homeland Security


A national defence department had been tasked with providing a coherent defence capability, prioritising the tackling of terrorist threats both at home and abroad, and supporting NATO and UN Security Council operations, including large-scale military interventions in fragile and unstable countries. This was to be achieved through the modernisation of the armed forces, creating a ‘professional and flexible’ military capable of supporting stabilisation efforts and building capacity in other states. Aware of the high costs of military intervention, the ability to avoid conflict was a top priority. This, combined with a more fractured and complex modern battlefield, had raised the importance of increased surveillance capability.

The department decided to supplement operational umbrella devices with ground-based and even hand-launched systems for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), creating demand for a range of surveillance packages, from airborne, to vehicle, to man portable. These packages required higher video image quality, over greater physical range. Immunity from accidental and intended interference and interception was also critical in the modern tactical scenario, where there is a high density of radio traffic from both friendly and opposition forces.


Developing ISR packages presents a number of issues of connectivity, size and power consumption in a reduced yet rugged payload. Wood & Douglas designed and manufactured a range of surveillance packages which incorporated highly robust and resilient Digital Video for Moving Objects (dVMo). The combination of data and dVMo video products are deployed in individual to vehicle/base, vehicle to vehicle/base and air to ground scenarios. There has also been a significant number of dVMo packages created for use in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for both military and security operations.

The demand for higher-quality images is met by the advances in camera technology; however, without the ability to transmit these images from where they are taken to where they need analysing, these advances can have limited value. Wood & Douglas dVMo systems are specifically designed to deliver high-quality images over extended distances in harsh and challenging environments. System design is normally unique to each customer, ensuring that the system can deliver ISR in the way that they specifically need it, on land, at sea or in the air. Diverse links can be integrated to provide multiple viewing locations or additional audio and data signals. dVMo packages are engineered to minimise power consumption, heat, size and weight, critical factors for covert applications and aboard UAV platforms where they impact operational performance.

  • 5GHz Tactical COFDM link replaces Analog
  • Digital video and reverse telemetry in rugged/compact form factor
  • Designed to provide upgrade path to HD AES256 encryption

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