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Congestion costs the British economy an estimated £20bn a year in wasted time, resources and lost business. The Highways Agency has estimated that 10% of delays on England’s motorways and trunk roads can be attributed to road works, and while drivers cannot avoid road works, the levels of congestion can be minimised through improved traffic control at temporary work locations.

Staffordshire Public Works (SPW) is a manufacturer of portable traffic light systems which can be deployed at roadwork sites or to supply instant traffic management in locations where existing traffic control suffers an outage or requires replacement. The lights can be deployed in a range of configurations with multiple units accommodating open road to T-junctions and cross roads.

The Challenge

The Highways Agency demands that communications between the individual sealed traffic light units is strictly controlled. Transmission and reception between units must be continuous and secure from remote tampering or interference to ensure drivers do not receive a signal to proceed when it is not safe to do so. Should any interference be detected, the lights should immediately default to red.

The Solution

Designing a portable sealed traffic light unit, Staffordshire Public Works required a wireless transceiver which could handle the high levels of radio ‘chatter’ between multiple units. It selected the SX450G professional transceiver from Wood & Douglas. The SX450G is a lightweight, high quality, miniature module for data and telemetry transmission, ideal for accommodating the machine to machine communications of multiple traffic light units.

With sensitive receiver circuitry and matching 500mW RF transmitter sections, these modules were suitable for the short to mid-range communications SPW sought for its traffic light design. As the traffic lights are intended to be portable they needed to operate cable free, so power was also a key consideration. At 500mW the transceiver delivers a very effective performance while balancing the need for battery economy.

As the traffic lights were to be deployed in all weathers the SX450G ensured constant communication, with an operating window from -30°C to +55°C, more than enough to cope with all year round deployment on British roads.

  • Constant, multiple radio transmission and reception
  • Rugged and secure
  • Compact and cost effective


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