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Militec is a company that specialises in the design and manufacture of small arms target equipment to meet the training requirements of both the Military and Police forces. Based in South Wales, but with a global customer base, the company’s shooting range and target equipment are intended to be deployed, used and maintained by personnel with the minimum of training.

To be an effective infantry soldier requires regular weapons training to develop necessary accuracy, this is especially the case for army snipers who must achieve excellence in marksmanship. Shooting at extreme distances means training has to take place on outdoor ranges, so requires target systems be robust in construction, ensuring that equipment is able to operate in harsh conditions and survive rough handling. In the battlefield snipers are required to not only shoot accurately, but be able to quickly react to change and still hit their targets. To replicate this on the range, Militec targets can rotate, pop-up or be drawn across the field of fire by a winch. These targets are controlled remotely by a team leader from a hand held controller, or can be initiated in a random pattern by computer control.

To enhance flexibility and reduce the costs of installing targets and controllers on ranges, Militec opted to use a radio controlled command and communication system as opposed to cabled solutions for the 250 variations of its target systems. The wireless solution would need to be low cost, able to operate instantly at range and be rugged enough to endure all weather conditions. To achieve this, the company turned to wireless specialists Wood & Douglas, which deployed its SX500 radio transceivers to solve the challenge.

The SX500 is a low-risk, compact, cost effective and resilient data transceiver. With 100mW RF output, the SX500 has the necessary power to cut through crowded radio telemetry bands to deliver communication for short to medium-range applications, extending up to 2kms or more, so ideal for communicating with targets located across an outdoor shooting range.

The transceiver also helps to provide feedback from the targets directly to the team leader’s handheld device. This means they can immediately see who has hit what and how many times, enabling them to train marksmen more effectively.

  • Target control and feedback
  • Simple, rugged, fast and cost effective

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