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As part of the LEGRAND Group and based in France, Intervox develops and manufactures connected security solutions across the Telecare sector. With over 1 million connected terminals across Europe, Intervox’s range of social alarm systems cater for lone workers, senior citizens, disabled and home dependent people, residents of nursing homes and people with chronic illnesses.


Social alarms are critical to not only improving the quality of life and independence of those living alone but more importantly, saving lives. But the use of these personal alarm systems is not exclusive to infirmed senior citizens; these services are also used by disabled people, those suffering from chronic illnesses, individuals recovering from major surgery and people looking to increase their personal security.

Because these social alarms provide a life critical service, they fall under Category 1 of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute’s (ETSI) EN300 220 standard. This requires the wireless communication used on these alarms and services to go through stringent checks to guarantee reliability and quality. With senior organisation AgeUK reporting it can receive up to 750,000 calls a year from social alarms, the need for a robust and dependable wireless connection becomes even more apparent.

Looking to upgrade the hardware on its range of connected alarms, Intervox required a sensitive wireless receiver module whose performance would not be affected by other radio signal interference, blocking and intermodulation and would pass the rigorous Category 1 standards. It also needed to be manufactured in line with Intervox’s cost-conscious budget.


Using ADI’s narrow band radio AD7021 device as a starting point, Wood & Douglas, developed a bespoke low cost design. The original module was not without its shortcomings but by applying its extensive knowledge and expertise in radio technology, Wood & Douglas was able to combine the AD7021’s existing backend processer with its own resilient RF section.

The ability of this radio module to deliver a constantly reliable wireless transmission meant it passed ETSI’s standards and allowed Intervox to become one of the first suppliers of Category 1 social alarm systems to a worldwide market.

  • Critical life-saving transmission of alarm signal to emergency services and care providers
  • Bespoke radio module guarantees secure, reliable and high speed wireless transmission, passing ETSI Category 1 standards

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