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Chesterfield Railway Station, operated by East Midlands Trains, is one of Derbyshire’s major public transport hubs. Many passengers use the station for their daily commute relying on the security of the station’s car park for long periods of the day. The pay and display car park operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week with space to accommodate more than 280 cars. East Midlands Trains’ aim was for the facility to be accredited with a Park Mark Safer Parking Award which required that the car park’s security be improved in terms of deterring vandalism, theft and ensuring passenger safety, especially at night. The decision was therefore taken to install live CCTV monitoring. However, to install cable connection to the remote cameras would require the car park to be excavated for cable laying. As the car park had only recently been resurfaced the potential for accusation of poor planning and wastage, not to mention the potential for severe disruption and expensive civil works had to be avoided.


Realising the benefit of using a wireless system, East Midlands Trains chose to deploy Insight DVT from Wood & Douglas. This system provides wireless transmission of high-resolution, full-frame-rate video for CCTV applications, as well as offering additional applications including telemetry control, audio and alarm signals.

Operating in the 5GHz band and meeting all necessary regulations, Insight DVT provided the necessary point-to-point system for operating a series of pole mounted cameras located around the car park. Each camera is supported by a pair of transceiver units, with interface modules each comprising a video encoder or decoder and PSU in a high-quality weatherproof enclosure, with an integrated high gain directional antenna. Auxiliary Ethernet connections are provided to linking interface modules, enabling multiple cameras to be transmitted over a single wireless link.

Multiple Insight DVT wireless links may be used in a variety of configurations including multipoint and repeater, providing the flexible solution East Midlands Railways sought. This included telemetry control to allow the CCTV cameras to be remotely controlled by the security operator with full pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) capability to ensure full video surveillance of the entire car park. The cameras also support low light and infrared to provide night time surveillance required by the 24 hour use pattern.

By adopting a wireless approach, East Midlands Railways was able to quickly, and cost effectively install all the necessary CCTV elements without damaging the car park surface or disrupting passengers’ use of the facility which subsequently achieved accreditation under the Park Mark Safer Parking Award.

The system is also future proof, additional cameras as well as next generation security and information systems can easily be integrated as necessary. These can include push-to-talk emergency intercom points; variable message signs (VMS) to display customer information; digital audio systems for public address (PA) - an effective crime deterrent when used in conjunction with live CCTV monitoring - and voice evacuation (VE) applications to meet future health and safety conditions.

  • Wireless hi-resolution CCTV monitoring 24/7
  • Low cost, and easy to install with no service disruption
  • System can easily accommodate additional cameras and new applications

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