Q: Can I reconfigure my E-series radios over Ethernet rather than using the System Port serial connection?

The ER45e, EB45e and EH45e radios can indeed be reconfigured using Ethernet connectivity. ‘eConfig and eDiags’ are two new features of these serial data/Ethernet data UHF radio modems. This allows not only Ethernet user data to be handled by the radios but also the very important network management functionaility can also be accomplished using Ethernet.

The change from traditional RS232 serial data handling to Ethernet data messaging can be tricky. IP addresses, subnet masks, gateway settings, Terminal and Device server settings, SNMP informs etc may be new subjects for the technician and getting all of the settings right first time is rare. To help out, Wood & Douglas offers individual training courses to cover these subjects. Attendees gain a confidence level that allows them to progress with system evaluation trials and eventual system rollout.

If you are interested, please contact W&D sales dept. 

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