Q: How do I reprogram the frequencies in my Solo, Duo or Trio talkback units?

A: These talkback units are reprogrammed using our Talkback GUI and the appropriate programming dongle cable. The latest version of the talkback GUI is v3.04.04 and is available to download from the Support pages on this website (after user registration).

These programming cables are available to buy:

SOLO programming dongle cable: 01136 1404 A

DUO programming dongle cable: 01136 1402 A

TRIO programming cable: 01136 1403 A

Note that these cables have active electronics in the connector shell. They are not just straight-through wired connections.

The SOLO, DUO and TRIO units can be reprogrammed to new frequencies within +/- 2MHz of the factory set frequencies. If an incorrect frequency is programmed, the LEDs on the top of the talkback unit will flash to indicate an ‘out of lock’ condition. You will need to reprogram the unit again with the correct frequencies 

If the new required frequencies are more than +/-2MHz away from the original channel frequencies, please contact W&D tech support for advice. A factory retune may be possible.


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