Q: How many analogue Insight video links can be used on a small site?

Our analogue Insight video links are point-to-point line-of-sight wireless links. It has a direct feed from a PAL video camera. Maximum range is about 500metres and there are seven radio channels that can be selected.

Although there are seven selectable radio channels, it is not necessarily the case that seven links, each on one of the channels can easily be installed with good results. There is some overlap of radio signal into adjacent channels. Up to four analogue Insight links on a site can comfortably work, using channels 1,3,5 and 7.

A useful tip is to mix polarisation of the links. As standard the Insight antennas are set for vertical polarisation. By removing the brackets and reinstalling them 90° rotated, you get an antenna that has horizontal polarisation. There is very good isolation between vertical and horizontal radio waves. Simply changing polarisation like this can affect the signal strength by up to 100 times and this allows the possibility of using those extra skipped channels if more than four Insights are needed on a site.

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