Q: I am a first-time purchaser of radio modems. What accessories should I order to help me get started?

A: It is common for us to supply a pair of our ORION radio modems to first time users. ORIONs are shipped with an unsoldered DC power plug that the purchaser can solder wires to from a power supply. Soldering at this stage for a first timer user may not be convenient so we do have mains power supplies available to buy that have the connector already attached to the cable end.

In addition to power supplies, suitable antennas are required for the radio modems to function correctly. For short-range, proof-of-concept testing, we offer short rubberised antennas like you would see on a walkie-talkie. When directly connected to the antenna sockets on ORION modems, these simple antennas will give a typical system range of between 500 and 1000metres. For longer ranges we offer larger pole-mounted antennas with coaxial cable feeds for the ORION.

Summary: -

2 x ORION radio modems

2 x 12Vdc mains power supplies

2 x short flexible antennas

2 x Configuration cable (doubles as a serial data cable for connection to a DTE computer)

1 x CD with Configuration software program and user documentation


The above equipment is sufficient for a first time user to configure, test and put to use our ORION radio modems.

As you would expect, telephone and email technical support is available as needed.

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