Q: I am being told that I must move my talkback frequencies. How far can I tune away from my original SOLO, DUO and TRIO channels?

With the clearing of parts of the old analogue UHF TV band and the freed spectrum being auctioned off to cellular network operators, some talkback users with frequencies in the UHF TV band may find that they are affected. OFCOM and/or Arqiva PMSE may have informed you that you will need to move frequencies. Naturally you are concerned that your existing equipment may not be able to take a shift to new radio channel frequencies.

W&D talkback equipment can be reconfigured to work over a small band of frequencies. To achieve the high RF performance that you have been enjoying with our products, our designs deliberately incorporate narrowband filters to ensure excellent off-channel signal rejection. As a general rule, SOLO, DUO and TRIO portable units and our Symphony base units can be returned over a range +/-5% of their original frequencies.

E.g. Original freq = 500MHz.        Tuning range is 475 to 525MHz

As some re-peaking of circuitry may be needed, any retuning is best done by W&D. This service is available with details available from the sales department.

If the frequencies that you are being directed to are outside of this general +/-5% rule, please contact us for advice. It may be the case that there is no option other than purchasing new equipment built to order, set on your new channel frequencies.

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