Q: I am looking for a multi-channel wide area wireless studio talkback solution to cover areas outside of the studio – dressing rooms, ‘Green rooms’, corridors, audience reception areas etc.

Wood & Douglas has many years of designing and delivering such wide area wireless talkback solutions. In addition to our standard talkback portable and base units we build custom solutions using transmitter and receiver combiners and splitters to supply signal coverage in multiple building areas.

We have expertise in signal transmission techniques and have our own antenna designs for optimum performance. Transmit signal purity is a key factor when combining multiple transmitters and when splitting receive signals to multiple receivers. The generation of intermodulation signal products has to be avoided and our expertise ensures optimum interference-free performance.

Any project of this scale will always entail an on-site radio survey as a pre-requisite. The sales team here at Wood & Douglas can give you more details of how we can supply you a bespoke solution to match your requirements.

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