Q: I am replacing the 3 magnetic sensors at the end of the booms on the Filtration tanks. The sensors and wiring has corroded over time. The cost of replacing the wiring back to my office is very expensive, do you have a solution?


Wood and Douglas has a very cost effective solution to your problem.  The product is the 200T/RM.  This is a battery operated, low power unit which does not have to be cabled.  It has a low power transmitter and Lithium battery sealed inside a tube, containing an internal magnetic sensor which can determine its orientation to the earth’s magnetic field.  Every rotation of 360 degrees, the transmitter sends out a pulse to the receiving unit. The module also monitors the voltage of the internal battery, and when the battery voltage drops below a certain value, an alarm is sent to the receiver.

The receiving unit 200R/RM can monitor up to 4 transmitters on site.  It is usually mounted on the side of a building within line of sight to the transmitters.  It is powered from an external power source.

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