Q: I have a PTZ camera control application. How can I configure and wire my ORIONs to work RS485.

A: Pelco-D is a common RS485 PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) protocol. Typically the signalling is 9600baud using a two-wire RS485 connection. Two-wire RS485 is a half duplex system. Actually this is of no consequence for most PTZ applications as the data flow is just one way, from controller to cameras. Control feedback is ‘seen’ as changes in the image on the CCTV screens.

Use the ORION configuration GUI to select the required baud rate and the RS485 serial driver.

The ORION connects to the camera or controller using just two wires from its Serial A connector. Cut a straight (not crossover) Ethernet cable in half and select the following two wires for your RS485 connections: -


 White wire with brown stripe is the RS485 (A-) wire

White wire with blue stripe is the RS485 (B+) wire


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