Q: I have an Orion Radio modem with RJ45 I/O sockets. How can I connect these to my sensors?

You are able to purchase adaptors which will allow you to connect the sensors to your Orion Radio Modem.



There are two types of DIN rail adaptor which can be used to bring out the inputs and

outputs of the Orion at a DIN rail .

Each adaptor is connected to the Orion via an 8-way male RJ45 to male RJ45 cable wired



Digital Inputs, Analogue Inputs, Analogue Outputs: Adaptor 01146 0200 A



Digital inputs: connect to Port 2 on the Orion

Analogue inputs: connect to Port 3 on the Orion

Analogue outputs: connect to Port 4 on the Orion

Connector pins are used as follows:


LED indicators are connected across each line via a 1K resistor, and are intended to

indicate a digital high input, although they will also indicate higher analogue inputs and

outputs. They draw approximately 10mA at 12V. A digital or analogue input must be able

to provide this. When used as an analogue output, the LEDs function on 5V, 10V and

20mA loop settings. Approximately 10mA of analogue output will be available from the

Orion on its 5V and 10V settings.



Digital Outputs: Adaptor 01146 0201 A


Digital outputs and Alert: connect to Port 1 on the Orion

Connector pins are used as follows


Notes: This adaptor converts all four digital outputs to floating SPDT relay contacts.

The Alert output is a relay or open-collector output, depending on how the Orion unit was ordered, and is not converted.

If the Alert output is to be used, and is an open collector output, the 0V return is via PL1.

If LED indication is required when an output is in its energised state, 12V at up to 40mA must be provided via connector PL1,

which may be taken from the same supply as the Orion. LEDs are labelled to indicate which port they refer to.

PL1 connections are:        pin 1 : 12V DC

                                                  pin 2 : 0V

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