Q: I have been using non rechargeable penlight batteries to power my radio and would now like to use rechargeable batteries to keep down the costs. The battery holder takes 8 batteries. When I installed the new rechargeable batteries in the holder the radio would not power up. Please can you advise?

Each of the non rechargeable batteries supply 1.5volts.  By using 8 in the holder you would have 12volts to power the radio.  Each of the rechargeable

batteries only provide 1.2volts of power, so by installing them in the existing holder you would only have 9.6volts of power available.  This would be insufficient to power the radio.

It would be advisable to replace the battery holder with a unit that takes 10 batteries, or buy a 12volt rechargeable battery pack which will give you the 12volts needed to power the radio.

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