Q: I have recently acquired a Wood and Douglas SLK460T Broadcast transmitter. On the front panel is a High/Low setting on a rotary switch but no matter where this switch is I am only getting 500mw on the antenna. Please can you advise what the output power is for this unit and how I can get it to transmit on a higher power?

The output power has 2 settings 500mw and 10 w depending on where the rotary switch is in the front panel. For the high power option the unit has to be powered from an external 12Vdc power source capable of supplying 3 amps.


When you use the external power supply, there is a slider switch on the rear panel marked Batt/CHG and EXT DC.  This switch must be in the EXT DC position.  The other position Batt/CHG is used for charging the internal battery in the unit.

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