Q: I have recently installed a Wood & Douglas 300T Telemetry Radio on one of my Sites. I have connected the inputs to the unit but it does not appear to do anything. Please can you help?

The 300T transmitter units are designed to be ultra-low-powered, so that they can operate for extended periods with an internal primary battery. The 300T therefore spends the majority of time in sleep mode. It wakes up at configurable intervals or because of an external event, determines the current state of its inputs, and transmits the current data and its status back to the base station.

The 300T has been designed to manage its own power consumption efficiently. This is achieved by selectively switching to a low power mode under the control of the microcontroller once a measurement and transmission cycle has been completed. 

The unit uses a Heartbeat Timer to activate the controller periodically so as to process its inputs and transmit data as required. A unit which has been configured for Voltage-Free Contact (VFC) inputs will also wake up should an input change state. 

The unit may also be activated at any time using by passing a magnet over the integral reed switch which initiates a Manual measurement and transmission sequence. A red LED flashes for 300ms each time the unit wakes up.

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