Q: I need low battery consumption for my telemetry application. I have a solar-charged battery supply. Do your modules have a ‘sleep’ function?

All of our radio modules and radio modems have a sleep/enable connection pin that can be controlled by external circuitry by being taken high and low. The default state of the pins is ‘enabled’ by way of internal pull-up resistors.

We do have a useful accessory board that can be used to power on and off a radio device and associated telemetry sensors at regular intervals. The sensors can even be powered up a few seconds before the radios to allow sensor value stabilisation.

The board has 2 independently controlled relays with on and off times being programmable. In addition, there is a DC-DC switching circuit to allow 24Vdc sensor powering from a standard 12V battery supply.

A typical application example is water level measuring every 30minutes. Between measurements, the radio and sensor are powered down. The measuring and radio transmission of data values can all be done in less than 10 seconds ‘On’ time. Battery consumption is minimal with ample solar recharging time.

Please ask the sales team for more details of suitable solutions if you have challenging applications with limited battery power availability. We can supply complete solar and wind charging solutions where needed.


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