Q: I need to link some on/off digital inputs wirelessly across a site. What W&D product should I look at?

A: If the distance is up to 500 metres or so, our 200T-DI and 200R-DO units are a good solution. These operate in the licence-free 173MHz VHF frequency band.

The 200T-DI is a battery-powered, completely sealed transmitter with two digital closing-contact inputs. These are suitable for monitoring alarms, level switches and other on/off devices. The built-in lithium battery has an expected 3-year life before needing replacement. Any detected changes on the digital inputs cause the transmitter to send a corresponding status update.

The 200R-DO is a companion VHF receiver with four relay contact digital outputs. These outputs can be mapped to up to three 200T-DI transmitters on your site and they will mimic any changes in the transmitters’ inputs that get signalled.

In addition to sending input change messages, status transmissions are also made by the 200T-DI every 15 or 60 minutes so that the 200D-DO receiver knows that the radio link is working okay and doesn’t need to alarm, which it can do if no transmissions are being received.

These 200T and 200R units have integral antennas and can easily be pole-mounted at a height to give extended range well over 1km in many environments.

Datasheets are available on this website. Please call or email the W&D sales department to discuss your particular application.

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