Q: I need to send GE Fenuc SNP data with break signals over a radio link. Is this possible?

The GE Fenuc SNP serial data format with its ‘break’ function is an old protocol designed for wired modem interconnections. The Break signal involves taking the TX data line high for several character lengths. Standard packet-data radio modems only work with ASCII characters values 0 to 254. This TXdata line manipulation is ignored by the serial data interfaces on standard radio modems and therefore the break signal is not sent over the air.

Ordinarily then, radio modems cannot work with GE Fenuc SNP protocol. HOWEVER, the Wood & Douglas ORION radio modem has a special ‘sampling mode’ that is specifically designed to enable the ORION to work with non-standard serial data stream formats. We call it the ORION TR mode.

In this TR mode, the ORION is keyed into TX mode by taking its RTS pin high. The ORION then samples the TXdata line 38,400 times a second and sends this 1s and 0s sampling over the radio link where the receiving ORION outputs a matching stream of 1s and 0s.

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