Q: The ORION programming cable (01146 0202 A) has an RJ45 to DB9F adaptor. What wiring is inside it?

A. We use RJ45 connectors as readily-available compact interfaces with 8 pins each. A wiring diagram for the programming cable showing the Ethernet cable colours is given on page 33 of the ORION user manual (part no: 1892 1335). The RJ45 to DB9F adaptor allows us to build programming cables quickly in our factory.

Note that the ORION programming cable can be used for serial data connections to PCs. Connecting to other equipment may actually need fewer wires, for example many connections to RTUs etc. can be achieved with just three wires RXD, TXD and GND.

The RJ45 to DB9F adaptor, should you wish to use them rather than soldering a connector, is sold by RS Components (part: 818 700).


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