Q: We have recently purchased the Duo intercom system with ASL HS-1/D headphones. Is the sound level produced by the headphones limited a particular level? We normally have our talkback headphones limited at 88dB.

There is no limiter in the DUO audio output circuitry. Some users use Canford Audio limiters wired into their headset cables. These limiters do seem to need some extra drive so inside the DUOs there is a jumper link that boosts the audio output by 20dB to drive the limiters adequately.

PL13 is the jumper and it is shown on page 8 of the user notes (available to download).

There is a train of thought, that because the Symphony base stations being used with the DUOs have TX audio limiting/compression, that indirectly, the volume for the DUO RX audio output is being ‘limited’, however this may not be adequate cover for your organisation’s rules, in which case you will need to source suitable external limiter blocks.

We supply single-sided and double-sided headsets for our DUO talkback portables.

Single-sided part number: 01132 1310 A

Double-sided part number: 01132 1309 A


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