Q: What are the main differences between Insight analogue and digital links?

  • Our digital Insight links are bi-directional meaning that you can send PTZ commands to a camera as well as receiving digital quality video images.
  • As analogue signals get weaker, the image on the screen gets noisy with lines and sparklies (random black & white dots). Digital video links maintain the quality of the image down to weaker signal levels and so longer point to point link distances are available with our digital Insight links – up to 2km.
  • Our digital Insight links are encrypted preventing unauthorised receiving of the video signals. This may be important for certain end-users.
  • It is possible to combine up to three camera video streams over a single digital Insight point to point link
  • Digital Insight can be used as repeaters to enhance coverage range.

Summary: Analogue Insight is suitable for simple short-range static camera wireless links. Digital Insight is the choice for more challenging multi-camera systems using PTZ control and requiring  wide-area coverage. Site surveys, system design and on-site commissioning help are part of the W&D offering.

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