Q: What are the UK 458MHz unlicensed telemetry band channel frequencies?

The band ranges from 458.5000 to 458.9500MHz. Operation on the band edge frequencies 458.5000 and 458.9500MHz is not permitted as frequency deviation would in effect take you out-of-band. Although unlicensed, OFCOM still do take an interest in it to ensure that users are adhering to the MPT1329 specifications.

When using 25kHz channel spacing, only frequencies listed in the right hand column are available. When using 12.5kHz channel spacing then the entire list of frequencies may be used except for those marked with an asterisk (*). These three frequencies (458.825MHz, 458.8375MHz and 458.900MHz are reserved for use by fixed, transportable and mobile alarms and may not be used for other  telemetry use. 



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