Q: What does VSWR stand for and why is it so important when dealing with Antennas?

VSWR stand for Voltage Standing Wave Ratio.  In Layman’s terms, it is the ratio of the forward transmitted power to the reflected power from the antenna. In the perfect world ,we would like all the power transmitted to be radiated from the antenna, but  in real life this will never happen.  If for example we take a wave generated at sea.  If there is nothing in front of this wave it will travel for ever until the amplitude gets so small it just peters out.  If the same wave travels for a short distance and hits a breakwater, quite a lot of the energy starts to be reflected back towards the source of the wave. Not all the energy transmitted from source is allowed to continue.

Similarly, with radio  waves, if we have an antenna that is faulty or not matched to the frequency of the transmitter then the ratio of the transmitted power to the reflected power becomes too large and could either damage the transmitter or stop any signal from reaching the receiver at the other end.  The ideal VSWR would be less that 1.5:1.

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