Q: What is a centre-fed dipole and what is an end-fed dipole?

Dipole antennas are a standard choice for omni-directional signal performance. End-fed dipoles are designed to be mounted on top of a pole. Folded dipole antennas are designed to be mounted off the side of a structure.

An end-fed dipole is generally manufactured with a coaxial connector and impedance matching circuitry at the base of the antenna. Wood & Douglas often supply end-fed dipole antennas that are manufactured with a specific length of connector-terminated coaxial cable to help speed up installation by removing the need to assemble and solder connectors.


Centre-fed dipoles are supplied with a boom extension. This allows them to be attached to the side of a tower or other structure. They are therefore rarely the highest antenna on a tower. The tower itself will shield the signals in that direction so the best side to mount the folded dipole should be taken into account.


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