Radio Engineers

Radio Engineers are a rare and eccentric breed.  We love them.   People who know what intermodulation and reciprocal mixing mean are not two a penny.  If you know about such things and want a job where your knowledge is appreciated and rewarded then call us directly. 


Notice to Recruiters and Agencies:

Wood & Douglas Ltd will not pay any fees for recruitment activities related to the hiring of a candidate unless an agreement has been established between a duly authorized representative of Wood & Douglas Ltd and the recruitment/placement agency and/or firm prior to the submission of the candidate.


In the situation of receiving unsolicited CV’s from a recruitment/placement agency and/or firm Wood & Douglas Ltd explicitly reserves the right to pursue and hire those candidate(s) without any financial obligation to the recruitment/ placement agency and/or firm where


a) no request has been made by Wood & Douglas Ltd for such CV’s, 

b) prior authorisation has not been given to send such CV’s to Wood & Douglas Ltd

c) there is no signed agreement between Wood & Douglas Ltd and the recruiter/agency 


If a request has been made or an agreement is in place CV’s should be sent to the HR Department.  

Agencies who persistently send CV’s to other members of Wood & Douglas Ltd will be subject to the above and subsequently blocked at our server.

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