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The dVMo system provides the solution to your need for a reliable, secure link for your video, audio and data. It consists of a range of units which can be chosen and configured to meet your requirements, all backed by Wood & Douglas’s experience in technology and systems.

The name dVMo derives from Digital Video from Moving Objects, and a dVMo link can take your video, audio and data between static or mobile locations, or even be carried or worn by personnel. Difficult applications, where bandwidth is crowded, interference or multipath make communications difficult, or one or both ends of the link are moving, are the kind of applications where the dVMo really excels.

The dVMo solution is reliable: rugged units service a link which uses a type of modulation (COFDM) which is highly resistant to interference and multipath problems. The system can also use more than one antenna to give diversity reception, returning high-quality video under adverse conditions.

The dVMo solution is secure: the link is encrypted against eavesdroppers as standard with extra levels available; and passwords protect the system itself from interference, with options to allow various levels of control.

The dVMo solution is also flexible: a wide range of modules cater for most needs, with power amplifiers and repeaters for increased range, control options, network interface modules, and the ability to carry additional channels of video, audio and data. Portable transmitters and receivers, and up to eight-way diversity reception, cater for the most demanding applications, and equipment is available for different frequency bands.

We are pleased to quote for bespoke systems using the dVMo range, from major installations to a ‘system-in-a-suitcase’.

  • COFDM modulation
  • Multi-service bearer with PAL or NTSC operation
  • Transport stream input
  • 100mW RF power output with optional higher power amplifiers
  • Spectrally efficient, 2.5MHz or 8MHz as standard occupied bandwidths
  • Synthesised frequency selection
  • Diversity operation

It is our aim to never promise what we cannot deliver.


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