CLASS1C 850 - Crystal Based Transceiver

The CLASS1C 850 transceiver is designed to be a low-risk, cost-effective building block module for high-volume OEM applications requiring radio connection, including use in the 868-870MHz pan-European band.

The CLASS1C 850 gives 10mW RF output, ideally suited for use in today’s crowded radio telemetry bands. This resilient module exceeds the minimum requirements defined in EN 300 220 Category 1.

The crystal-based design allows much lower power levels which are more than adequate for short-range applications.

The very fast start up sequence further reduces the power needed and as a combination could lead to lower maintenance costs.

The receiver section benefits from excellent sensitivity figures, low current consumption and excels in congested environments.

  • High performance/low cost/small package
  • Designed for high-volume requirements
  • EN300 220 Cat 1 requirements
  • Wide supply voltage range
  • Fast switch-on time
  • Analogue audio in/out or customer-specific data encoding
  • Very low power consumption

It is our aim to never promise what we cannot deliver.

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