Wood & Douglas has an experienced in-house team that can take a client’s concept of ‘wanting to use wireless’ to a product or system reality.  This process, controlled under ISO, can be defined as follows.

The commercial team supporting the client is experienced in focussing the client to identify the detailed requirement at both product and system level.

This distilled requirement will be passed to the design team who will then fully manage the design process in-house using hardware, software, mechanical and electro CAD resources.   This includes rapid prototyping facilities.  Almost half the Company’s work force is involved in the R&D process.

The finalised design will pass to the in-house manufacturing resources which will deliver the product whether in small or large quantities.   This resource benefits from a high capacity surface mount line, internally created ATE software and hardware and two NC milling machines.

The key advantage to Wood & Douglas’ clients of this concept, is the instantaneous feedback loop between departments.   This ensures a product will meet the requirement, will be correctly designed, professionally built and as a consequence be reliable in service.





  • Visual Basic, C++, Microchip PIC code, FPGA design



  • Microwave Office and Eagleware RF simulation
  • VUTRAX and CadStar PCB CAD design packages
  • Solid Edge 3D CAD


Surface Mount Facility

  • Two SMD machines with convection reflow
  • Lead and lead free manufacturing
  • Monthly placement total of >1 million parts


Metal Shop

  • Two NC milling machines enabling rapid prototype and production enclosures
  • Sheet metal cut, punch and bend


Test and measurement facilities

  • In house computer controlled ATE test routines and test jig
  • Two test chambers for temperature measurement (-50o C to +150o C)
  • Fully screened 12m3 anechoic chamber
  • Vibration testing via local third party
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