Wood & Douglas Remote Data Network Analysis

Gathering telemetry data is only effective if this data can be collated, interpreted and actioned simply, effectively and in a timely manner to improve business decision making.

Wood & Douglas Remote Data Network Analysis (Remote-DNA) is a web-based toolkit that collates and interprets data from telemetry applications, simply and effectively so that information is instantly available in a format that is easy to export, analyse and share. Remote-DNA enables businesses to generate real insight from telemetry data instantly.

Data is collated from multiple sites and formatted by Remote-DNA into a database. The collated data can then be displayed in user defined tables or in a graphical report.

Remote-DNA is compatible with the Ultima and OpenNet 6000 family of telemetry products. Typical deployments include monitoring of industrial automation, utilities, asset tracking or building management. Examples of applications could be the collation of tidal information to track trends, measurement of water levels at reservoirs, power measurement in factories or temperature measurement in retail outlets or offices.

Remote-DNA can collate information from one single source or from many hundreds of connections, across both analogue and digital channels. Remote-DNA collects, collates and analyses data received from any Wood & Douglas device, wherever it is, and delivers it into a database format where the information can be analysed quickly and effectively.

Remote-DNA can also be used to remotely update the software or settings of any connected Wood & Douglas telemetry device.

R-DNA drives our custom built weather widget

The weather widget you may have seen on the home page utilises data filtered through our R-DNA system. Below you can see the live data for our weather system, exactly as you might when viewing it through the R-DNA system

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