Wood & Douglas was founded in 1977. The company expanded rapidly to deliver complex and high quality wireless products and services to commercial customers. Today the company is active in the global wireless voice, data and video markets, both as an original manufacturer and as an end user supplier.

Since its inception, Wood & Douglas has been at the forefront of wireless technologies, combining research and development expertise and in-house manufacturing with customer insight to deliver the most effective and reliable products and services to its clients.

Now part of the Ultra Electronics group, Wood & Douglas will continue to deliver the high levels of quality, reliability and service it is known for with the backing of a Company committed to providing innovative solutions to it's customers.

  • Wood & Douglas developed its brand by creating high quality professional radio products. The company created self build kits that helped grow amateur radio beyond the technically gifted, to a wider audience and set the standard for quality and professionalism in the market.
  • Wood & Douglas set the standard for professional broadcast equipment by developing the first range of wireless products purpose built for the broadcast industry. The company created wireless talkback and ‘radio reporter to studio’ systems as far back as 1985.
  • In 1989, Wood & Douglas designed synthesised radio receivers that were eight times smaller than anything available on the market at that time. These products delivering much lower power consumption, enabled new applications that had not previously been possible, such as the belly pack radio‘s used by Control Chief for controlling train shunting in the USA. Wood & Douglas‘ commitment to miniaturisation and environmentally friendly power consumption in wireless continues today.
  • The launch of Wood & Douglas‘ Scanlink range of products in 1992 provided the Utilities market with the first integrated wireless communications solution, replacing a collection of disparate products, instantly increasing reliability and, at the same time, reducing cost.
  • Wood & Douglas developed its Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) in 2000 to identify maritime vessels. Featuring a unique analogue radio transceiver, the product delivered reduced power consumption allied with vastly improved RF performance.
  • In the achievement of standards compliance in 2006, Wood & Douglas demonstrated for the first time that is was possible to convert standard chip radio designs to meet Class 1 standards, delivering highly cost effective yet totally reliable wireless solutions to the Healthcare market.
  • In 2006, Wood & Douglas overcame obstacles such as water and distance (both renowned for badly affecting radio performance) to deliver an 8 Mbps wireless link to vessels over 80kms at sea
  • Transportation services create vibration, contamination and water hazards for wireless products. In 2007 Wood & Douglas overcame all of these obstacles to deliver one of the largest transportation automation projects in the world.
  • In 2013, Wood & Douglas was acquired by Ultra Electonics as a bolt-in to it's Communication & Integrated Systems business, positioning Wood & Douglas for future growth with the backing of a Company committed to the same high levels of customer service and continuous innovation.

Wood & Douglas

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