Homeland Security

The events of and since September 11th 2001 have and continue to reshape the security of the modern World. 

Governments across the globe have had to develop new and more effective means by which to protect their citizens.  Wireless communication has enabled new forms and techniques for intelligence gathering that were previously unimaginable.

Wood & Douglas work with a number of Homeland Security agencies around the world, helping them to develop new means of remotely monitoring, gathering and managing information using radio communication technology.

Wood & Douglas radio equipment is often deployed in extreme environmental conditions and will be expected to delivery HD quality video images, digital encryption, low quiescent standby power consumption with a low payload mass. 

These are complex and contradicting operational radio requirements, often life critical, and from demanding clients.

Case Studies for Homeland Security

Communications & video transmission for boarding parties
Personnal video and audio transmission for boarding parties

Issue: One of the most dangerous aspects of operating in a marine environment is the poor situation intelligence operational crews must work with, whether they are naval personnel on anti-piracy patrols, search and rescue entering a floundering vessel, or gas and oil workers operating in highly volatile environments. The boarding of a suspect or damaged vessel will often be carried out by a small team aboard a fast, rigid inflatable boat (RIB)....

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