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Businesses in the utilities market operate in an increasingly complex environment.

They need to ensure the security of remote assets, manage geographically diverse operations and plan and deliver reliable services over increasingly complex wired and wireless networks.

Radio transmitter and receiver products and services enable utilities to more effectively measure, monitor and control operations. Whether it is the remote monitoring of reservoirs and sub stations assets, or new technology energy monitoring and control, wireless communications enables utility companies to develop more effective and reliable infrastructure network services.

Wood & Douglas has worked with leading utility companies such as Thames Water, United Utilities and Western Power to develop and implement robust wireless services helping utility companies deliver a more effective and efficient business solution.

Case Studies for Utilities

Gasometer water seal (cup) monitoring
Gasometer monitoring - delivering public safety for the National Grid

Issue: Gasometers, or gas holders, operated by the National Grid still remain a common site in British towns and cities. Built to address the problems of poor gas pressure in the local grid, these aging structures cannot be upgraded in the same way as gas pipes. As many are located in proximity to residential areas, the monitoring of these structures has become paramount. If movement of the gasometer lift occurs as a result of pressure increase...

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