By the end of 2010, more than 55% of the world’s population were living in cities. The increasing urbanisation of society creates new challenges for transportation within and between metropolises. Environmental concerns are also driving new transportation systems - to deliver a better experience more sustainably.

Wireless technology is heavily embedded in transportation.  Radio keyless entry lets you enter your car. Integrated public transportation systems provide wireless timetable displays. Traffic light priority signalling helps public transport flow smoother. The list for the application of radio is endless and growing.

Wood & Douglas’ RF engineers have designed and developed radio leading edge services for major players in the transportation industry. Radio transceivers deliver data messaging datagrams. COFDM digital video links provide real time high quality images for logistics and security.  Behind many key radio system suppliers, the communication engine is a Wood & Douglas wireless communication product.

Case Studies for Transport

Traffic control
Avoiding the Olympic gridlock

Transport for London (TfL) maintains 580km of main roads and all of London's traffic lights. London Buses, part of TfL, is also responsible for managing one of the largest bus networks in the world, with a fleet of more than 8,500 buses. Each year these buses travel 483 million km in service, via 19,500 bus stops, and their users make more than 2.2 billion passenger trips. Issue: In 2012 London hosts the Olympic Games, and each of the 8.8 milli...

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