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Exploration Services

Mining, quarrying and offshore exploration for oil and gas remain critical industries for the provision of energy supplies, precious metals and other raw materials.  Exploration services take place in some of the most challenging and hostile environments where safety, security and reliability are essential prerequisites to successful projects.

Reliable radio communications can be extremely difficult in these circumstances, particularly underground, at sea or over vast radio propagation distances.  Wood & Douglas specialises in delivering wireless communications in such challenging RF environments.  Projects have included a high bit rate COFDM digital data links from ship to shore, video capture and delivery for the oil and gas industries,  radio telemetry transceivers for seismic survey and wireless perimeter fencing for large area open cast mine security.

Delivering critical wireless applications in such demanding environments requires intelligent RF design and rock solid radio implementation.  Wood & Douglas has proved its capability to combine creative wireless solutions with flawless RF execution.

Case Studies for Exploration Services

Wireless water reservoir monitoring
Life in the balance

The challenge: In arid Namibia, farms depend on water pumped from underground aquifers into surface reservoir holding tanks, from which it can be distributed for the wellbeing of livestock and humans. Given the large, rural nature of many farms in the region, landowners often have to rely on unskilled staff to monitor and control this key aspect of running an estate. This was the challenge facing Aloegrove, a safari lodge and cattle farm located...

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