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We provide a range of support services to suit the needs of our customers, many of which are available from this website.

If you are a customer and require additional information please contact your account manager.

Returning equipment

To activate a claim under warranty you must first request a Returning Material Authorization (RMA) number from our Sales Support Team. They can be contacted on:

Telephone : +44 (0) 1189811444

E Mail :

Please note that failure to gain an RMA number may result in delays

Please have the following details available before making your call:

Product number / Type
Product Serial Number
Where purchased (Please note if not purchased directly from Wood & Douglas then you may be requested to contact the company you purchased it from so that they are able to offer you the service commitment they made when selling the unit)

Warranty returns

Customers with a suspected fault on their equipment should use the RMA procedure by contacting the Sales Support Team to discuss the fault condition to establish if a resolution can be achieved without the need to return the unit.

If a system is deemed faulty by Wood & Douglas Ltd Sales support team an RMA reference number will be issued together with an RMA form. This number will be used as a reference when the product is received and will assist in the efficiency of its return. The system / product should be securely packaged to avoid transit damage and the issued RMA number written clearly in the outside of the box with a copy of the RMA form inside, and returned to:

Wood & Douglas Ltd Lattice House Baughurst Tadley Hants RG26 5LP

Once received the equipment will be booked in then sent for initial bench assessment which will result in the following:

  • a) In warranty equipment will either be repaired and returned or if not economical to repair then replaced
  • b) Out of warranty equipment will require a purchase order to cover the initial assessment and we will send you a quotation for the cost of the repair.
  • c) You may decide not to proceed further, in which case we will return the equipment un-serviced. There will still be a charge for the initial test equipment set-up and investigation effort. Currently £60 per hour.
  • d) Should it be the case that after six months, no purchase order for the repair has been received, it will be assumed the equipment is no longer required and it will be disposed of.

Where a product becomes obsolete, Wood & Douglas Ltd will replace faulty goods with a product of either equivalent or higher specification than the original part.

Please note that Wood & Douglas Ltd cannot be held responsible for items which are received damaged from transit. Should units arrive damaged they will be treated as an out of warranty repair and the customer notified. The customer will then be required to place an order for the assessment to be made of the returned item. Wood & Douglas Ltd accepts no responsibility for goods, even if signed for, until received into Sales Support department where they are checked and the received condition is confirmed.

Warranty Exceptions

Wood & Douglas Ltd will not authorise the return and repair of any system which been subject to modifications which are made after the purchase of the item by any company other than Wood & Douglas which alter the specification of the unit specification i.e. addition/removal of components without prior written consent from Wood & Douglas Ltd. In the event that you wish to alter the system from the original specification you would need to contact Wood & Douglas Ltd Sales Support team to obtain a log reference for authorization, this number will be needed should you need to make a warranty claim.


If the system / product has been purchased through a Channel (Dealer, Company IT or Integrator) then we recommend that you contact the channel you purchased it from in the first instance.

Next working day on-site warranty

On site visits can only be undertaken if the customer has purchased on-site warranty with the equipment at time of purchase or is willing to pay for a warranty assessment visit in advance of a contract being accepted. Warranty assessment site visits are £750 per day.

To receive a next working day on-site visit for systems / products purchased with on-site warranty, the call must be received by Wood & Douglas Ltd by 12 noon.

Once our Sales Support department has verified the call, an engineer will usually be sent to site next working day to repair the faulty system / product.

Advance Replacement Warranty

For customers who qualify for an advance replacement, an RMA number is required. This number must then be placed on the outside of the box clearly and the parts suitable packaged so as not to sustain transit damage. If goods are received with transit damage due to insufficient packaging the customer will be charged for the advance replacement received. The customer must ensure that the faulty or incorrect part is ready for collection upon delivery of the advanced item.

Customers fitting the advanced replacement part are responsible for any other fault that occurs as a direct result of this repair and Wood & Douglas Limited will treat any subsequent call as an out of warranty repair which will incur the standard Wood & Douglas Limited Charges. An advance replacement of an item can only be undertaken if the faulty part is boxed and ready for collection upon delivery of the advance replacement.

If the part returned is found to have no fault the customer will be charged for the assessment work done along with carriage

Repairs under warranty

All repairs are carried out in accordance with our Terms & Conditions of Repair*. All repairs under warranty are subject to the terms of that warranty and, in the event of any conflict between these terms and the terms of the warranty, the terms of the warranty shall prevail.

Component Returns

Wood & Douglas Limited offer as standard 12 months warranty from date of invoice for all components sold unless otherwise stated.

Please ensure that an RMA request is completed for any suspected faulty components.

If a component is deemed faulty by Wood & Douglas Limited Sales Support team an RMA reference number will be issued. Once issued the product / system should suitably packaged so as not to sustain transit damage. If goods are received with transit damage due to insufficient packaging the customer will be notified before any further action is taken.

The issued RMA number must be written clearly in the outside of the box with a copy of the RMA form inside, and returned to:


Lattice House, Baughurst, Tadley,

Hampshire, RG26 5LP UK

Once received the component will be booked in, repaired or replaced and returned within 25 working days in most cases.

All monitors warranties are direct with Manufacturers and therefore will be processed through Wood & Douglas.

Extended Warranty

Standard customer warranty is 12 months from dispatch from Wood & Douglas and is subject to section 9 of our terms and conditions of sale.

Warranty can be extended in 12 month increments at the point of purchase up to 60 months under the standard charge structure and beyond 60 months by quotation.

Warranty can be extended after the point of purchase but will be subject the a product / system assessment at £750 per day

System Calibration

Appropriate for installed systems that are not feasible to return to manufacturer for repair.

  • a. As part of each new system quotation an Systems calibration Contract can be offered. This is an all encompassing contract that provides a combination of our Service offerings as appropriate to the Customer requirements.
  • b. A key service that we could offer is an annual maintenance visit to the equipment to perform a visual inspection of the condition, performance check to ensure that the equipment is operating at its optimum within specification. During this visit we would also be able to identify items that will need replacement in the near future, e.g. Antennas, feeder cables, batteries.


Although we make every effort not to lose any information from your hard disk, please ensure all system data is backed up prior to returning hard drives, systems or the engineer-attending site. Wood & Douglas Limited will not be held responsible for any loss of information, program files etc.


No charges are applicable to goods that are within Wood & Douglas Limited warranty period and are deemed to have failed due to electronic or mechanical failure. Any service required outside of normal warranty may require an official purchase order or payment prior to that service being available.

The following charges are applicable to any goods out of the warranty period, or any goods deemed to have failed due to improper handling, misuse, packing or negligence, fluctuation of electric power, air conditioning, humidity control, accidents, abuse, misapplication faulty installation, modification or service by anyone other than Wood & Douglas Limited, or any other by prior authorisation by Wood & Douglas Limited, or damage attributable to other environmental conditions. Charges are subject to variation without notice. A guide to the prevailing charges is as follows:

Inspection and assessment of the returned item: £60.00

Advance replacement 15% of installed base

Next working day on - site warranty 20% of installed base

Extended warranty at purchase 2% of product list price per 12 month extension

Extended warranty after purchase 3% of product list price per 12 month extension

System calibration 20% of systems list value but not less than £750

Site survey £750 per day

Installation £750 per day

Commissioning £750 per day

On Customer Site

Our Standard Day Rate is £750, which includes all Site Mobilisation and Travelling Allowances. We reserve the right to charge higher fees for extensive Travel Costs (Flights etc.) and for Offshore Visits.

Return To Base

An Inspection fee of £60.00 is charged plus VAT for any out of warranty inspections. Labour @ £60.00 per hour plus VAT will be charged for any out of warranty repairs done internally along with charges for the parts used.

If components received are no fault found a charge of £60.00 per item along with carriage for the return of the item.


Payment is our standard 30 days from invoice.

Turn-around time

In-warranty returns: The average turn-around time between receipt and dispatch is 10 working days

Out of Warranty: Once received, the equipment will be booked in. An assessment of the equipment will be undertaken and a quotation for the repair costs raised and sent to you within 10 working days. When a purchase order to proceed is received, the equipment will be serviced and returned within the following 15 working days in most cases.


Where a product becomes obsolete, WOOD & DOUGLAS LIMITED will replace faulty goods a product of either equivalent or higher specification of the original part.

If a product is received no fault found, Wood & Douglas Limited would charge £60.00 per item found not to be faulty and will charge for the carriage to return the item. This charge must be paid before the item can be returned or collected.

Sales Support Team are available from 9.00am to 17.00pm Monday to Thursday and 9.00am to 3.00pm on Fridays (excluding Bank Holidays)

Telephone : 0118 981 1444 Email :

*Terms and conditions of sales are available under Company

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