Breathing new life into old defence systems

Product : Digital Radio Systems Application : Radio regeneration for equipment life extension Industry/vertical : Defence Breathing new life into old defence systems Issue Numerous defence systems developed in the 1970s and 1980s still remain active today. Many customers which invested heavily in large scale defence systems are now faced with issues of obsolescence as elements of the wider system become outmoded and are no longer supported by the original contractor. This lack of support can encompass both the hardware, as production of replacement parts ceases, and expertise as those who initially worked on the project have moved onto new projects or have left the industry. Radio systems are on area where obsolescence has become an issue. The RF modules for data radio within large scale systems, such as ground to air tracking and defence, whilst integral to a defence system, become outmoded and unsupported when replacements are required. This can be an issue both for early adopter customers in emerging markets which have had systems in operation for some time, as well as second tier customers in emerging markets which have more recently bought older, more affordable, systems yet struggle to maintain or derive return on investment. If radio systems cannot be replaced then the entire system and the defence network is put at risk. The only option at this stage becomes a costly full replacement of the defence system. Solution Wood & Douglas’ bespoke design and manufacturing offers an alternative, cost effective option to prolong the working life of major defence projects with the replacement of obsolete radio components and systems with new fit for purpose digital radios. This approach does not support a simple ‘off the shelf’ response, but requires each system to be approached as a new and bespoke project capable of transferring mission critical data integral to defence system operations. Replicating original functionality, Wood & Douglas designs the replacement radio from the ground up to ensure the manufactured units match the existing form factor and integrate with the defence systems existing physical links. This ensures fast, effective, plug and play upgrades. Software design is also required to match typically proprietary programming that exists within individual defence systems. Wood & Douglas supplies the design, programming and manufacture as a ‘one stop’ response which addresses the digital upgrade cycle. Digital radio replacement not only halts obsolescence, it provides a supportable upgrade which can extend product life for as much as an additional twenty years, future proofing large scale defence systems with a fast to implement alternative to retirement. This also broadens the opportunities to sell, proven, older systems to and emerging markets looking to establish cost effective defence systems with an extended, guaranteed lifespan. • Halts large scale defence project obsolescence • Extends life of existing defence systems by as much as 20 years • Cost effective, fast to deploy alternative to full replacement • Opens new markets for established products by increasing system lifespan

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