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OpenNET 3000 UHF
Wide area emergency alarm system
Industry / Vertical:
Industrial manufacturing


INEOS is a global manufacturer of petrochemicals, speciality chemicals and oil products. It is made up of 15 businesses with a production network spanning 51 manufacturing facilities in 11 countries throughout the world. The company produces 60 million tonnes of chemicals a year with sales of $43 billion.


The chemical Chlorine (CI) is used in the production of a diverse number of industrial and consumer products including rubber, plastics and solvents. It is also used in swimming pools and drinking water to kill bacteria. It is fabricated through the electrolysis of sodium chloride dissolved in water, where Chlorine gas is released, captured and liquified for transportation.

INEOS Group is the only company in the UK to manufacture chlorine. The largest of INEOS’ UK production facilities, at Runcorn, is home to 1,600 employees. The volatile and dangerous nature of Chlorine – in gas form it is corrosive, poisonous and two and half times heavier than air - means both the health and safety of staff working on the Runcorn site and residents in surrounding areas is of paramount importance.

With the risk of potential chemical incidents, INEOS installed three wide area sirens to warn internal operatives and neighbouring villages and towns of any impending threat. The time critical nature of these incidents means the simultaneous activation of the 100 decibel loud klaxons from a single, central location needs to be instant. INEOS approached Wood & Douglas to provide the wireless radio link technology enabling full remote control and rapid operation from an onsite security kiosk.


Enabling up to 250 simultaneous connections, Wood & Douglas deployed the OpenNET 3000 UHF base station and transceiver system. Linking all three sirens to the security control room, this unit collects information relayed from the transceivers installed on the klaxon’s control panels. Because there is no room for error, data, such as driver diagnostics and battery level status, is sent over a reliable and robust radio link, for constant monitoring by operatives.

Wood & Douglas’ wireless radio network enables the real-time triggering of the sirens, improving the reliability and speed of activation to ensure the emergency evacuation of surrounding areas is carried out quickly and effectively should a chemical leak occur. The delivery of a constant heath check also alerts managers to any faults or irregularities on the system so maintenance can be actioned swiftly, avoiding operational failure at critical moments.

  • Reliable radio link allows remote control, management siren system and rapid alarm activation from a central location
  • Transmission of performance critical diagnostic enables constant monitoring of driver and battery health

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