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The Insight system allows high-quality CCTV pictures to be relayed using wireless links operating in the licence-exempt 5GHz band. The link also carries mono audio and an alarm signal. Radiated RF power output from the transmitter antenna is 14dBm and seven channel frequencies can be used.

The wireless links should be installed with a line-of-sight path between units where possible, when they can achieve a range of up to 1km (subject to survey).

The basic system is made up of a transmitter and receiver pair for masthead mounting. The Insight V Masthead Unit combines the receiver or transmitter electronics with a high-gain antenna, housed in an IP65 weatherproof enclosure. Transmit and receive units are of identical appearance, and are distinguished by a yellow TRANSMITTER or blue RECEIVER label on the rear face.

Where access to the Masthead units may be a problem for installation and support, a Base unit can be supplied which contains a mains power unit and the ability to control the frequency and view the receiver Received Signal Strength (RSSI) remotely to check that the system is operational and working correctly.

The RX Base Unit is available in versions which will serve one, two or three RX Masthead Units from a single Base unit with a single mains input.

A further upgrade is available to provide a reverse telemetry link for CCTV (PTZ) control using the Wood & Douglas Orion modem. TX Base Units are fitted with the modem, and an additional Control Base Unit is provided. Range is at least that of the video signal.

  • Wireless video transmission
  • Mono audio
  • Alarm
  • Range up to 1km
  • Weatherproof
  • Rapid installation
  • Easy connection and set up
  • PTZ telemetry option

It is our aim to never promise what we cannot deliver.


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