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The dVMo-HD system being introduced will enable existing dVMo users to upgrade their present systems with small external hardware modules to give HD capability.

The HD TX and RX modules will use the flexible Transport Stream system interface to provide seamless integration with the wide range of W&D dVMo system components. New customers will be able to take the new style dVMo TX and RX modules with the HD interface embedded in the enclosures.

IP and RS-232 ports are also supplied for configuration and monitoring.

The H.264 video encoding and choice of 720p enables the HD to fit into the most rugged dVMo modes to ensure the best range performance.

Future optional upgrades (requiring a reverse telemetry link to the transmitter) include local recording of stills or video clips at the transmitter, enabling slow download of these stored images over the in-built IP interface, and remotely-controllable module setup parameters. This will allow the over-air encoding to be changed to increase the range of the kit.

HD could be used at shorter operational ranges, with SD being used for long-range viewing, using the standard 8/6 MHz or 2.5MHz occupied bandwidths available on the dVMo system. Two cameras could be used with remote switching between the HDMI and HD-SDI interfaces.

Future optional upgrades at the receiver include an add-on module for providing an SD output copy for local monitoring; video streaming over IP with either a software-based decoder, or a remote hardware decoder.

  • H.264 encoding
  • 720p @ 25/30Hz
  • Low latency <375ms
  • Low data rate <5Mbps
  • HDMI and HD-SDI interfaces
  • AES encryption
  • IP data over-air
  • Upgrade or new
  • Compatible with existing dVMo

It is our aim to never promise what we cannot deliver.


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