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The dVMo-MR3 is the standard receiver for the dVMo system. It is an integrated COFDM 2-way diversity receiver and decoder with video, audio and data outputs plus transport stream link in and out. In conjunction with a pair of preamplifiers or downconverters, it can cover the UHF or SHF bands.

The dVMo-MR3 contains a pair of identical tuners locked to the same synthesized frequency, both of which receive the COFDM signal from the dVMo transmitter. The dVMo-MR3 uses MRC (Maximal Ratio Combining), an advanced diversity technique which allows individual COFDM carriers to be selected from two or more receivers and combined to construct the best possible signal.

The demodulated transport stream is decoded to yield composite video, dual mono (or stereo) analogue audio, and low-bit-rate RS232 serial data outputs. Any packets which are not addressed to the MR3’s outputs are passed to the transport stream output to be relayed to further, standalone, decoders.

The low video delay (typically 50ms across a dVMo link) contributes to a system which can be used for remote control applications.

Casual interception of data is prevented by the use of non-standard encoding, but to prevent more determined interception, the transport stream is encrypted using the ABS encryption system with 2 passwords used to generate a 32-bit key.

This system can be upgraded to a 128-bit or 256- bit key system (AES) either at the time of ordering or retrospectively on existing units if required.

The use of COFDM modulation makes the signal more robust in the presence of interference and multipath reception in difficult locations, and results in a much greater usable range than might be expected for the RF power used. Diversity reception enhanced by MRC further increases the link’s robustness and range.

The unit’s finned enclosure dissipates heat generated without the need for any external heatsinking.

  • Secure video, audio and data
  • Two-way diversity with MRC
  • Diagnostic indicator
  • Choice of frequencies
  • Password-protected configuration
  • On-screen diagnostic display
  • Simple to set up from a PC

It is our aim to never promise what we cannot deliver.


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