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Wood & Douglas are expanding their range of high quality video delivery products into a new and exciting sector of the market where our rugged physical product together with our robust RF COFDM technology will allow continuous transmission of quality video in even the most difficult terrain. The introduction of a dog-mounted video transmitter will allow access to terrain which until now has been difficult and sometimes impossible for humans to operate in.

dVMo has proved its worth around the world as a high-quality delivery method over an extensive range of frequencies. These frequencies operating with our unrivalled RF implementations have enabled Homeland Security organisations to achieve quality video footage in many of the most inhospitable locations and environments. Implementing this world-leading technology on a dog allows the expansion of video applications into yet another dimension of identification and evidence gathering from operational situations.

In designing this solution we have taken great care to ensure that both parts of the operational team have their needs individually catered for, implementing design changes to suit both the dog and the dog handler. The head harness is of a light but robust design and provides simple adjusters so that the dog can be made comfortable with the equipment, ensuring that it is not distracted in any way from the task in hand. The success of the head harness ensures that any operator viewing the video footage is now presented with the most stable of high quality pictures thus ensuring they can also concentrate on the task in hand with a minimum of viewer fatigue.

As the equipment is part of our solutions portfolio there are a number of ways that it can be deployed and all aspects can be customised to suit the operational needs of our users from the inclusion of extra viewing positions from a single video feed to two-way audio.

  • Search & Rescue, Operations Support, Explosive/Drug Detection
  • Proven technology
  • Optional audio
  • Adaptable to dog size
  • Lightweight
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Static/worn receiver options
  • Display options
  • WiFi rebroadcast

It is our aim to never promise what we cannot deliver.


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