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The dVMo-PA-1 W is an amplifier that produces a 1W COFDM output from a standard 100mW dVMo-T drive signal.

When amplifying COFDM signals it is critical to pay careful attention to the linearity of the devices used. Without this the resulting RF envelope will suffer from spectral re-growth which will appear as a widening of the signal and a raising of the noise skirts on either side of the wanted signal.

In extreme cases this can result in complete loss of visible shoulder between the skirts and the wanted signal. In these circumstances the COFDM decoder at the receiver site will be unable to decode data signals being received.

A margin of 8dB to 10dB is required in the rating of any amplifier to ensure that the peak COFDM signals are not limited and hence distorted by the amplifying process. For a 1W COFDM output it is necessary to use a linear amplifier with a 8W to 10W continuous carrier rating.

In addition, there will be severe DC supply and thermal cooling implications to this demand.

The dVMo-PA-1W takes into account these aspects of performance to produce a 1W COFDM output from the standard 100mW dVMo-T drive signal.

The unit will require a robust DC supply with over 5A capability. Supply connection is via a multi-way connector.

The unit is incorporates a heatsink and is convection cooled .

  • 1W COFDM (10W peak)
  • 10dB gain
  • Wide bandwidth
  • 9V to 33V DC supply
  • Floating earth
  • Designed to deliver peak performance for COFDM signals
  • Removes risk of limited signals
  • Fully interoperable with dVMO family

It is our aim to never promise what we cannot deliver.


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