The Kestrel radio modem is a configurable product using a fast 19200 baud 4 level FSK modem together with standard Wood & Douglas RF hardware. This flexibility allows customers to match their modem to suit any application, range and budget.

The radio section of the modem can be chosen from the SXn50 Professional transceiver range at VHF, UHF and 868MHz.

These choices give practical power outputs from 1mW through to 500mW and approvals to either EN 300 220 or EN 300 113.

The operating system is intelligent with a FLASH-based processor for easy upgrading in the future.

The user interface is very flexible and most options can be configured using hardware links. The Kestrel interface allows for RS-232 and TTL as well as a sampling mode.

For high-speed operation, the Forward Error Correction (FEC) can be turned off. Raw 8-bit data can be transmitted, removing the overhead of Start/Stop bits.

  • Half duplex 19200 baud
  • Small size
  • Synthesised multi-frequency operation
  • 100 - 868MHz options
  • 5mW 500mW output power
  • FEC Option and Scrambled Data Mode
  • 5V - 15V DC supply
  • EN 300 220, EN 300 113 approvals

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