OpenNet Digital IO

The OpenNET 6000 expansion cards are telemetry input/output interface cards designed to expand the capabilities of the OpenNET MAX programmable controller.

There are three types of card available:

  • The OpenNET 6000 16DI provides 16 digital input channels
  • The OpenNET 6000 16DO provides 16 digital output channels
  • The OpenNET 6000 8DI8DO provides eight digital input and eight digital output channels

The digital inputs are optically isolated from the rest of the system. However they may still be used with simple volt-free contacts pulling the inputs to 0V because they are pulled up to 12V by an isolated supply that is common to all inputs.

The digital outputs are implemented by changeover relays and a single jumper selection allows use in either Normally Open or Normally Closed configurations, independent for each channel. Output contacts are isolated from each other.

Each input and output channel uses two separate two-part screw terminals. Each input channel includes an LED indicator that is illuminated when the input is closed. Each output channel includes an LED indicator that is illuminated when the relay is energised.

The OpenNET 6000 8DI8DO uses the same circuitry and offers the same functionality as the other cards, but combines eight digital inputs and eight digital outputs on one card.

All cards have an address for communications with the OpenNET Max and the same form factor, enabling cards to be stacked together in a system .

  • Optically isolated inputs
  • Relay contact outputs
  • 16 digital inputs/16 digital outputs or 8 of each
  • LED diagnostic indications
  • Expands the capabilities of OpenNET Max programmable controller
  • Compatible with OpenNET range of wireless telemetry devices

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