OpenNET MAX Programmable Controller

The OpenNET Max is a programmable controller which is part of the OpenNET 6000 range of data acquisition, process control and monitoring modules.

The OpenNET Max combines programmable control functions with on-board input/output. It interfaces with Low Power Radio and GSM/GPRS to enable telemetry operation.

The ARM9 processor operates at 150MHz and is coupled with 8MB dynamic RAM and 4MB flash memory.

The OpenNET Max is programmable in IEC1131-3 language. This has been augmented with a number of customised functions to provide simple access to internet protocols, Low Power Radio and GSM/GPRS functions.

The OpenNet Max provides non-isolated analogue and digital inputs and digital outputs to interface physical signals. It can also interface to the OpenNET range of industrial I/O modules that provide isolated I/O connections.

The Low Power Radio interface supports a range of transceivers, transmitters and receivers, covering the frequency range from 100MHz to 868MHz. Power levels range from a few mW to 5W for short- and long-range operation.

The on-board GSM/GPRS module provides quad-band functionality. Typical applications would be SMS alerts or data connections over carrier-switched or GPRS networks.

The serial ports provide connectivity using the Modbus RTU protocol and can support the use of other serial protocols. One serial port can operate with either RS-232 or RS-485/422 interfaces.

  • ARM9 processor
  • On-board low-power radio and GSM/GPRS
  • 5 digital inputs/5 digital outputs/2 analogue inputs
  • Programmable controller for telemetry operation
  • RS-232 or RS-485
  • Range of frequencies and power levels

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