The Orion has a selectable RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 user interface for serial data messaging allowing easy connection for Remote Telemetry Units, and Pan Tilt Zoom camera controllers.

The digital and analogue outputs can be set to specified levels remotely over-air using another Orion giving a complete ‘remote control' solution.

Four digital inputs allow monitoring of on/off type signals such as PIR alarms, door contacts, and control buttons. Four analogue inputs allow monitoring of 4 to 20mA current loops and 0 to 10V measurements, ideal for water levels, wind speed etc.

In addition to its four analogue inputs, the Orion monitors and signals its supply voltage. This function allows for long-term battery operation with early notification of battery performance drop.

With the supplied Wood & Douglas GUI, a very capable, fully configurable, master/slave telemetry system is possible. Using store-and-forward techniques, an intermediate Orion can act as a repeater, greatly extending system operational range.

Over-air data rate is 19200bps when a 25kHz bandwidth radio module is fitted (9600bps in a 12.5kHz channel). The I/O signalling slots seamlessly into any serial data being sent or received by the Orion.

The Orion can be built in various versions which use the SXn50 or G-MAX series radios. The option exists to specify a version of the Orion without the telemetry I/O functions where only a radio-modem is required.

  • Half-duplex 19200bps over-air data rate
  • RS-232/ RS-422/RS-485 interface
  • TX power options up to two watts
  • Over-air reconfiguration
  • Store and forward repeater feature
  • Synthesised VHF and UHF options
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