SX Professional Transceiver range

The SX series transceivers are miniature high-quality modules for data and telemetry transmission.

These resilient modules not only satisfy EN 300 220 but also the more demanding EN 300 086 specification. This enables the units to be sold throughout Europe for both licensed and unlicensed telemetry, data and voice applications. The modules conform to the RoHS (lead-free) directives. 

The addition of a suitable modem will allow EN 300 113 approval to be gained. Please refer to the RSX Modem brochure. Combining sensitive receiver circuitry with matching 500mW RF transmitter sections, these modules will find use in short-, medium- and long-range applications.

Such a power level will deliver a very effective increase in range performance over lower power wideband devices while balancing the need for battery economy in portable applications.

The modules are housed in small lightweight screened enclosures with multi-way connection interface for either cable or direct pcb mounting. This electrical screening ensures a family of products complying with current EMC regulations. Frequency control is achieved using modern low-noise PLL synthesiser techniques with non-volatile storage of frequency data, allowing serial and parallel frequency selection.

To satisfy customers using advanced modulation schemes, special versions of this range are available with extended audio characteristics. Ask Wood & Douglas Sales for details.

Designed, manufactured and supported from the UK and benefiting as standard from extensive type approvals, these units provide the OEM with a high-quality, low-cost-of-ownership route into quality radio applications.

  • Professional range transceiver
  • Synthesised multi-channel capability
  • EN 300 220 / EN 300 086 approved
  • Analogue or digital modulation
  • Low profile package
  • Low current consumption
  • GMSK compatible option

It is our aim to never promise what we cannot deliver.

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