The Symphony is a dedicated solution to studio wireless intercom needs, providing broadcasters with a wireless intercom duplex base station which meets the demands of both the studio and an outside broadcast vehicle.

Symphony meets and exceeds broadcast industry demands for low distortion, high quality audio that reduces operator fatigue.

Using advanced synthesiser frequency control techniques, Symphony is available in versions across the 400 to 900MHz range providing up to 3W maximum RF output and 8 stored channels. These are selectable via the four button front panel display or from an external source via the rear panel ancillary connector. New frequencies are easily reprogrammed into memory using PC software.

Audio interfacing from the unit into the studio four wire circuit is via industry-standard XLR connectors.

The Symphony is housed in a compact 1U 19 inch rack with options for either one or two aerials working with the duplexing filter internal to the rack. Operation can be from AC or DC power sources with auto revert to DC if there is an AC failure.

A standalone product qualified to ETS 300 086, and suitable for a range of professional low power duplex base station applications both inside and outside the broadcast industry; the Symphony has been conceived to be used with Wood & Douglas broadcast products including the Solo, Duo and Trio.

Where licensing authorities demand it, the Symphony can be fitted with an optional internal transmitter isolator.

  • Full duplex operation
  • Synthesised multi-channel capability
  • 3W Maximum RF power output
  • AC or DC operation
  • Compact size
  • Studio or OB intercom system
  • Low distortion
  • High-quality audio
  • Reduces operator fatigue
  • 8 channels

It is our aim to never promise what we cannot deliver.

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